Medium Roast Organic Sidamo Coffee

This classic Ethiopian Sidamo is natural processed with fruit intact. It is a more labor intense and risky process than the wet process. Yet, it yields stunning results when done properly. Our medium to dark roast “Morning Kiss” is aromatic, with a balanced brightness, subtle lemon and blueberry notes, luscious buttery body, and a lingering sweet smooth finish with a hint of milk chocolate in the finish.


Morning Kiss

Dark Roast Organic Yirgacheffe Coffee

This classic Yirgacheffe is historically the only coffee allowed in the palaces of Ethiopian Kings.


Daily Grind offers a soft brightness, deep rich dried fruit and milk chocolate flavor with creamy full body and a lingering clean sweet, smooth finish.  Spectacular by the cup or as a single origin espresso.


Daily Grind

Decaffeinated Organic Sidamo Coffee

The perfect ending to the perfect day.  Unlike any decaf you will ever encounter.  This Ethiopian Sidamo is decaffeinated using the water and a patented “flavor lock” process of decaffeination that is a healthier choice for people and planet.

After Hours offers subtle brightness with flavor notes of citrus, dried berry and milk chocolate.  It has a creamy sweet lingering clean finish.  A very satisfying way to bed the day.


After Hours

Medium Dark Roast Organic Yirgacheffe and Sidamo Coffee

Authentic Blend


A wonderful medium dark roasted Yirgachaffe and Sidamo

supreme blend.


Authentic Blend offers a vibrant, yet restrained lighter bodied blend that incorporates and energizes the natural earthly fruit sweetness of pomelo, watermelon and sweet citrus mixed with the dynamic floral aromatic notes of wild strawberries, honeysuckle and peach blossom coming to the forefront and intensifying to a satisfying clean finish.