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Healthy Breakfast Recipe with Teff

This Breakfast makes you full. You won’t crave for food and also very good for Diabetic people. It won’t raise blood sugar levels. Recipe for breakfast, 3 tablespoons of Teff 2 tablespoons Sunflower seeds 2 tablespoons Chia seeds 2 tablespoons Pumpkin seeds 2 tablespoons Almond flakes 2 tablespoons Sesame seeds 1-2 spoon fruit Yogurt 2 tablespoons of Goji Berries Mix all the seeds and the Goji Berries together with the Teff Serving size with only 2 tablespoons. Mix it with very little may be about 4 tablespoons of hot water. It has to stay thick in the water, just to make it soft. After you mix the seeds and add Goji Berries with water and add 1 -2 tablespoons of Yogurt. Enjoy your breakfast

The Super Grain Ethiopian Teff, Salad Mix

The Super Grain Ethiopian Teff has been used to bake Injera, Pies, Cookies and Cereals. It can also be used as a Salad Mix. The Super Grain Ethiopian Teff, Salad Mix The Super Grain Ethiopian Teff has been used to bake Injera, Pies, Cookies and Cereals. It can also be used as a Salad Mix. Teff Salad Recipe: 1. 2 cups of Teff row grain. 2. Cook the Teff with a Half cup of Water in a low heat until the Water evaporate. 3. After it is ready leave it on a plate until it cools down. 4. Chop Tomato's 5. Chop Cucumber 6. 2 Table spoon of Black Seed Cumin 7. Olives Mix the above Salad Mix in a large bowl, Dressing: 1. Virgin Olive oil 2. Add Oregano, Thyme or Rosemary and leave it overnight. 3. Add


Ethiopia has been the epicenter for coffee from the beginning. The impact of coffee originating in the highlands of ancient Ethiopia on the modern world has been nothing short of incredible. Coffee originating from Ethiopia is considered “TYPICA” (indigenous/original) and exists in its purest state with no foreign migrations and hybrid manipulations. Ethiopian Coffee Beans are as pure as the day they were discovered and have become legendary. Just a single experience tasting these supremely premium coffee varieties with unforgettable and immortalizing flavor attributes will transport you to a magical place hidden atop the misty pristine highlands of ancient Ethiopia, the birthplace

Ethiopian Coffee (ETHIOPIA OBSERVER Vol. IV No.6)

Samples of Ethiopian Coffee tested by experts of the Ruanda Urindi Coffee Office, and by the Kenya Coffee Board, revealed that Ethiopian coffees can compete with the best coffees produced in other parts of the world. When correctly processed Ethiopian coffee has a bluish to greenish color, the roasted beans are glossy and the liquor is clear, slightly acid, light-bodied. The superb "Ennarca" coffee of the forests in the Limmu area, the "blue Mountain" type of the Kaffa Jimma Groves, the "Mocha" of the Sidamo plantations and the "bourbon" quality of Harare and Arussi are all first-class, high-quality coffees. The Characteristics of these fine coffees give them a potentially high value in the

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WosCaffé is an exclusive coffee company that is dedicated to bringing you pure organic Premium Ethiopian coffee bean in order to help build a cancer center in Ethiopia. The secret to making the very best of the BEST premium coffee blends is hidden in our unique ability to enhance flavors already existing in our high quality beans. We have implemented enhanced natural and authentic flavor processing and roasting techniques learned from the ancient Ethiopian coffee craftsmen. These traditional methods bring out numerous subtle flavor notes missed by most coffee roasters, resulting in an exquisite, impactful flavor experience.

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