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Top five branded coffee chains in Europe and the USA

Biggest brands (2017) Grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to the office has become a daily ritual for many workers around the world. According to research group Allegra Strategies, there were more than 22,700 branded coffee shops in Europe in 2017, and more than 27,900 in the United States.

Samma Wot (ሳማ ወጥ) known as Nettle Leaf

Samma Wot (ሳማ ወጥ) known as Nettle Leaf is widely grown in middle Shoa, Ethiopia. It grows wild without farming. Most locals do not know the value but in mid Shoa use Samma wot (ሳማ ወጥ) as a side dish. 1- Grind "Nettle Leaf" very fine. Use I/2 cup of Samma (ሳማ) 2- Strain it a couple of times 3- To make it thick add, 2 tablespoons of Barely, Sorghum or Teff 4- 2 cups of milk 5- add Salt 6- 3 tablespoons of Olive oil Make sure it is smoothly mixed - strain Boil, until it thickened. Enjoy!!

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