Ethiopia has been the epicenter for coffee from the beginning. The impact of coffee originating in the highlands of ancient Ethiopia on the modern world has been nothing short of incredible. Coffee originating from Ethiopia is considered “TYPICA” (indigenous/original) and exists in its purest state with no foreign migrations and hybrid manipulations. Ethiopian Coffee Beans are as pure as the day they were discovered and have become legendary.

Just a single experience tasting these supremely premium coffee varieties with unforgettable and immortalizing flavor attributes will transport you to a magical place hidden atop the misty pristine highlands of ancient Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. It has been said that “if coffee were a religion, Ethiopia would be the Holy Land”. Indeed, Ethiopian coffee is highly unique from any other coffee due to its purity. The unsurpassed inherent flavor of these special coffee beans have their divine, timeless and compelling beginnings in the volcanically fertile soils where coffee grows wild in the forests, serviced by pollinating bees, kissed by the twelve months of sunshine, blended with perfect amounts of shade and high altitude rains resulting in the highest quality, most exhilarating full-bodied flavorful coffee varieties in the world. Truly, the best of the best. Always a natural organic collaboration of nurturing, cultivating and select ripe cherry-harvesting by farmers highly skilled in their daily coffee-craft, passed down from previous generations over thousands of years, truly capturing the pure essence of coffee itself. These extra-premium classic coffee beans are prepared using an ancient washing and soaking method, gradually depulping each bean and drying together with the outer cherry cover on raised beds of banana leaves allowing each of these select beans to “breath in” a naturally orchestrated flavor composite of its surroundings. It is believed that Ethiopian coffee growers add intangible ingredients such as their brilliant smiles, thoughtful prayers and cultural legacy permeating into each and every bean they select.

You will find yourself indulging in this mystical coffee tasting experience as a way of living, loving, feeling and tastefully immersing yourself into the traditional and ancient Ethiopian coffee culture.Thus, assimilating a real feeling of ultimate satisfaction within, while having a contemplative anticipation of everyday miracles and realities based upon a new fascination and passion for Ethiopian coffee varieties.

It is true that Ethiopian premium coffee brands, being strongly rooted in the past, playing a sacred role in ancient rituals and ceremonies, speaking directly to cultural values and beliefs, individual achievements and social status, is the ultimate object of desire and perfect demonstration of status, class and taste.

Select “TYPICA” coffee beans are exquisitely profiled throughout the entire selection process and are identified by their own distinct and unmatched characteristic flavors, exhilarating aromas and vibrant tastes, with a finish that is contagious and leaves coffee connoisseurs worldwide craving for their next sip.

Inspired and driven to search out and try new things in life, Ethiopian premium branded coffee has been developed specifically to be the perfect “flavor companion” to the highest premium wines, champagnes and cocktails. There does exist, in this Coffee Garden of Eden, rare and distinct high grades of naturally organic engineered coffee with inherent flavor profiles that are unsurpassed in all taste attributes that are compatible to eating and drinking the best products representing class, refinement and status within modern day society’s quest for the best in all things. Ethiopian coffee beans are dynamically unique, and will surpass expectations for maximum flavor with undiminished satisfaction. Ethiopia; truly the real coffee garden of Eden, And yet, accessible to everyone.

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